Create your life on your own terms.

Welcome to Coach Walid, a site dedicated to helping people achieve success and reach their potential. As the founder of Coach Walid, I have spent years developing life coaching programs, courses and content that shifts your focus from glass half empty to glass half full.

Having run multiple small to medium sized businesses ranging from single man operations to multi-million-dollar global operations, my journey has helped me discover and learn how to balance and reach my health, relationship and wealth goals. It has taught me how to create a life for myself on my own terms.

Learn how to set yourself effective personal and professional goals and find the motivation that you need to achieve them through our tools. Our resources are ideal for anyone who wants to find the ultimate balance between relationships, health and wealth while identifying the skills you need to:

– Create a life on your own terms by setting meaningful short term and long-term life goals
– Raise your belief in yourself
– Reach your potential
– Enhance your entrepreneurial or employability skills
– Choose the life that you want to live

I have spent years learning from the best coaches and programs in the world, filtering through them all to present you a curated list of the best lessons. I have also developed my own coaching programs from the invaluable lessons and mistakes I have made along my journey.

Coach Walid will equip you with strategies to turn your life around, empowering and facilitating change so that you can be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. I look forward to hearing about your journey, and like so many of my other clients, helping you take the next step to choosing happiness.