Top 10 Ways Physical Exercise Can Change Your Life

Studies show that an average of 300 000 deaths per year in the US is related to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. If you are tired of living a sedentary lifestyle, try engaging in physical exercise, it can literally change your life.

Not only will your physical appearance improve, but you will also gain more energy, lose weight, build confidence, feel happier, and develop a better lifestyle to support the optimal living.

Moving our bodies is a gift and a blessing in one. Due to media and social pressure, it became more about image, completely missing the point of its life-changing benefits.

Physical exercise doesn’t have to be difficult to be beneficial, the most important part is that you stick to it because you enjoy it. So how exactly can exercise change your life, and how can you ensure that it will happen?

Keep reading to learn the incredible benefits and some tips on how you can stick to it as well.

Let’s get started!


1. Incredible Mental Health Benefits

Perhaps one of the most scientifically studied phenomena is the relationship between physical exercise and mental health.

When you exercise, your body produces feel-good hormones such as endorphins and enkephalins, which is what gives you that “euphoric” feeling after a workout. Endorphins uplift your spirits and make you feel good, which is a perfect prescription for depression.

Most people will view the mind and body as separate entities, when in fact, they are one-in-the-same. Just one hour of exercise per week can prevent depression. It can also reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation in the brain, promotes neural growth, reduces stress, and much more.

Ever notice how tense your body becomes when you are stressed out? That exact physical reaction with emotional feelings is the exact reason why exercising your body can release the tension in the mind.

The trick is to let yourself get fully in the moment while exercising, being mindful of your movement will allow you to focus more on the exercise than the problems that were running through your head. This teaches you how to process and work through your problems better, thus, relieving the stresses that are associated with them.


2. Increased Confidence

This one may seem obvious, as exercise improves your physical appearance, which is usually linked to confidence with a majority of the population, but the confidence benefits go much deeper than that.

True confidence from the core of your being comes when you set goals for yourself and stick to them. This does not matter what exercise you do, or how good you become, the pure action of sticking to a task tells yourself that you have willpower decide on and you stick to it.

To add to that, when you focus on becoming stronger and better at a skill, it will improve your confidence much more than focusing on focusing on your appearance in the mirror.

Some great confidence boosting exercises are:

  • Weightlifting,
  • Improving yoga postures
  • Learning martial arts, such as boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, or self-defense.
  • A regular walking routine with friends.
  • Aerobics classes
  • Learning a new sport with a team.

After sticking to a new challenge, you will be amazed by how it projects into other aspects of your life as well. You will feel motivated to apply for that job you have always wanted to, ask your crush out on a date, and walk around with your head held higher.


3. Improved Body Composition and Athleticism

Exercise does more than burn body fat for the image. The changes in your body composition will increase your energy, making you feel “lighter”.

Fat places a huge amount of strain on your body, internal organs, and joints. With exercise, you will notice incredible internal changes within your body that will make you feel on top of the world.

As your muscles become stronger and reducing the fat in certain areas, you will start to notice a hardening in areas of your body that previously may have felt like jelly. Your body is adapting to the exercise and you are now becoming stronger and stronger.


4. Strengthens Your Bones

Any weight-bearing exercise will strengthen the density of your bones, reduce the chances of Osteoporosis, and reduce fracture occurrence. The best bone density building exercises are:

  • Anything that challenges you to use your own weight, (walk instead of using a bike)
  • Lifting weights, and increasing the weights as you get stronger
  • Balancing exercises
  • Any new sport that challenges you

As you get older your bones will become weaker and are prone to breaking. With regular physical exercise, your bones will become stronger and you are less likely to have this happen.


5. Prevents diseases

If you want to do one thing that will change your life forever, start with physical exercise. With regular physical activity you can:

Physical exercise will either directly or indirectly reduce your chances of developing many common diseases and illnesses.  In other words, exercise will not only change your life, but it may also save your life.


6. Improves Your Lifestyle

With more physical strength, you can now partake in more activities in life such as hiking adventures, play sports with friends, volunteer more, keep up with your children and/or grandchildren, and so much more.

You no longer have to turn down an opportunity to have fun due to the fact that your body will not be able to keep up, just think of the possibilities!

Improves Libido

Regular exercise wards off erectile dysfunction and also improves sexual arousal in females. Who couldn’t use an extra boost in bed every now and then?


Improves Sleep

Exercise will help you to fall asleep faster, stay in deep rapid eye movement sleep (REM), and wake up less during the night. Your body needs sleep for rejuvenation, reparation and rest, so deeper sleep will help your body repair from the physical exercise.


Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Due to the increased blood flow to the brain, exercise will also improve your cognitive function. Thanks to this, you can lift the brain fog, think more clearly, learn faster, and take on more mental challenges in life. Think of exercise as brain food because it feeds the brain so much goodness.


7. Increase Your Lifespan

According to a very recent study, just 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise per week can now help you to live longer. This was linked to a 17% lower early death rate.

This is due to the fact that you are preventing the early onset of diseases, and also because your body is a better functioning machine thanks to the physical exercise, what a life changer!


8. Strengthens the Most Important Muscle, Your Heart

Exercise can strengthen many muscles in your body, keeping them strong to prevent injuries. The most important muscle that exercise can strengthen is your heart.

Exercise improves your heart’s ability to dilate the arteries, helps your sympathetic nervous system to control your heart rate and blood pressure, and also helps your heart to recover faster from exercise.


9. Corrects Your Posture

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, most people have horrible posture which can prevent them from experience a good quality of life due to pain and immobility.

With specific regular exercises, you can correct these postural deviances, walk better, stand up straighter, and can also improve your confidence due to feeling better. These exercises will strengthen your core and stabilization muscles which will help you to exercise more and keep your body strong.


10. You Will Eat Healthier

Your body is a smart machine, it knows what to do to repair itself when you listen to it. With more exercise, you become more intuitive with your body and are able to listen to its needs.

The more you exercise, the more you will start to crave more nutritious foods. You will subconsciously crave more salads, lean proteins, and clean, whole nutrition.


How You Can Make Physical Exercise Change Your Life

Now that you understand the power of physical exercise and how it can change your life, you are probably wondering how you can get started and live a healthier lifestyle too.

Exercise is all about finding what you enjoy doing and sticking to it. Find an accountability partner and start moving, your body will thank you!

If you would like to learn more about exercise and living life to your utmost potential, whether it is in your career, relationships, or breaking through of your mental barriers, feel free to contact me anytime. We are in this together.

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