How to Find a Life Coach You Can Count On


Disappointed in one aspect of your life? Feel like you can do more? Chances are, you can. You might need a little push in the right direction to reach your goals.


What you need is a life coach, one who can show you how to unlock your true potential or how you can find the answer to some of your questions in life. However, not all coaches are effective, and what is effective for someone may not be fit for you.


That’s why you need to know how to find a life coach who’s perfect for you. Read on to find out how to find a good life coach.


Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you face a life coach, face yourself first and ask the following questions.


What Area Do You Want Guidance in?


The first step is to determine what area/s in your life you need help in. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You may be trying to improve your health, or you want to develop some leadership skills. A broad idea is okay as well, such as wanting to find happiness in life.


It’s also alright if you have multiple goals. Depending on the advice of your life coach, you may have to work on only one at a time, though. The bottom line is that you need to be clear on what you want to accomplish in life and why you need a life coach. This will also ensure that you’re investing your energy in the right way.


What Kind of Life Coach Should You Get?


Like doctors, life coaches also have specialties in which they perform best. Some examples are:

  • Business Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Dating Coach
  • Nutritional Coach
  • Life Skills Coach
  • Money Coach
  • Personal Coach


Note that this list is not inclusive.


This is another reason why you need to be clear about your goals so that you know which type to get. If you want to improve your faith, for example, look for a Religious life coach.


Make sure, though, to seek the right professional if you have other issues. Therapists should address mental health issues as life coaches are not knowledgeable in this field. You can work with both a life coach and a therapist if you so wish, however.


Are You Ready to Invest and Change?


Getting a life coach means you’re serious about wanting to better your life. It costs money, so it’s not something that you can ignore when it’s not convenient. Wanting to improve things indicates a problem in the first place, so it’s not only the money that you’ll waste but the potential to make progress as well.


You need to invest your energy, emotions, and time to get the results that you want. You may change your mind halfway through, but with a good life coach, you’ll be able to finish what you started. This highlights the importance of getting the right coach even more.


Ask Your Potential Life Coach These Questions


Once you determine what you’re looking for, ask for recommendations and make a list of life coaches that seem to be the right fit for you. You may also search directories and Google for names as well.


From there, get critical information and eliminate those who don’t fit your standards and requirements. Once you’ve made a short list, get a free consultation and ask them the following questions.


Whom Do You Consider Your Coach?


This is an important question. Your coach should have the humility and perceptiveness to admit that they don’t have everything figured out. Of course, you’ll want someone that has authority over the area you want to improve in. It’s important to understand, though, that not even life coaches know the answer to every question.


Having a coach or having someone they look up to likely means that they are aware of the things they lack. In turn, they take the opportunities to become better and improve themselves. Furthermore, having a coach also means that they value coaching. This should make them better at their job.


Have You Had Results with Your Past Clients?


They’ll say yes to this question, of course, so check references if you can. You’ll want someone who exercises their knowledge and skills in the right way, resulting in success.


This also gives you an idea of what you can expect from the coach. If you find that a reference or more have reached the same goals you want, then the coach might be the perfect fit for you. Otherwise, look for other life coaches that have had successes in your goals.


What Types of Success Have You Had in Your Own Life?


A life coach has the tools to better someone’s life, so they should use these to their advantage as well. If you want to improve your leadership skills, is the life coach in front of you exuding confidence? If you want to achieve happiness in life, does the coach look content with the way his life is going?


These achievements in their own life tell of their capability to understand life and use the tools at their disposal. However, make sure that the life coach understands that what worked for them might not work for you. They should be able to tailor the program according to your personality and lifestyle.


What to Look for in a Life Coach


During your consultation with your potential life coach, see if they have the following valuable traits:




How do you feel when you’re talking with the life coach? Do you feel comfortable and that you can trust them? If yes, then that means you have a great chemistry with them. You like them as a person, giving you an opportunity to be as open as you can be.


If not, the relationship won’t work out no matter how great the person is in general or in coaching. Trust your guts and find a life coach that will make you feel that way.


Ability to Listen


Today, most people only listen to wait for their turn to speak. This is not active listening, as they’re not truly understanding the words of the speaker. Rather, they’re formulating in their minds what they want to say instead of taking the moment to empathise.


You’ll spot a good listener by looking at their body language. See if they’re maintaining eye contact, responding with simple phrases like “I see” or even nodding, and not interrupting you between sentences. A good listener also follows up with meaningful questions relating to your story and urge you to tell more. Get a life coach that’s also a great listener to ensure that they truly understand your circumstances and goals.


Ability to Communicate


Of course, coaching doesn’t only consist of listening. Find a life coach who knows how to communicate properly with you, a client. They must be able to make you feel at ease when around them but not too much that you start talking like buddies. They must maintain professionalism. They should also have the ability to confront you in an honest yet gentle way when they see something wrong.




Being a life coach makes a direct and huge impact on their clients’ lives. Helping people better their lives should be the main motivation of your coach and not the money.


It’s a given that they’ll need the money to have a comfortable life and continue coaching. However, they shouldn’t give more importance to getting as many clients as possible to have a constant stream of income. Coaches should be people motivated. If it feels like they are taking on too many customers and you’re just a dollar sign to them, tell them so.


Strategic Thinking


Every person is unique, so a great coach should have the ability to formulate a strategy that will work for the both of you. The path should address your unique personality, beliefs, circumstances, and lifestyle. Of course, the path should lead to your desired outcome as well.


How to Find a Life Coach That Suits You


Finding a life coach is not going to be easy but knowing how to find a life coach should now be easier. Make sure to find a good one who can make the path to your goals a little easier as well. If you’re looking for advice on relationships, money, health, and businesses, contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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