10 Meditation Styles for Improving Energy


Finding ways to better yourself can be difficult, especially when it comes your personal life. Balancing all of the different things in your life can cause stress and anxiety in different parts of your life.


Handling these problems in ways that are safe and productive are important for moving forward. Meditation may be the lifestyle change that you need in your life. With so many different kinds of meditation out there, there is something for almost anyone. But where should you start? Check out these 10 meditation styles that can help you improve your energy.




Mindfulness is one of the more popular kinds of mediations. Based on traditional Buddhist methods, mindfulness meditation focuses on the immediate moment. In this time, you are to acknowledge the different emotions and sensations that you feel at that time.


Start with sitting on the floor with your eyes closed and your back unsupported. Pay attention to the movement and sensations of your breathing. Throughout the practice, continue to come back to the feelings and emotions that come with each breath. The goal is not to add anything to the experience, but rather, just to simply notice what’s happening both within or around you.


You are expected to get distracted at some point during the process. If this happens, simply acknowledge it and continue to focus on the things happening in your mind.




If you’re looking for a practice that is focused on accessing your inner energy, Kundalini may be the type of meditation for you.The practice has roots in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Kundalini is focused on understanding the movement of your energy through your body.


Kundalini is an upward meditation that is believed to be a metamorphic form of meditation. When practiced correctly, some have felt healing effects from accessing this inner energy. But how do you access this energy?


The key to feeling the effects of Kundalini is understanding where the energy lies. This requires patience and practice. To do this, focus on your breathing and how it moves through your body. As it passes through the energy centers in your body, you’ll begin to understand the nature of it.




Zazen is another traditional Buddhist meditation practice. Zazen, which roughly translates to “seated meditation”, is focused on your sitting posture and breathing.


The practice starts with understanding sitting posture. You can choose to either sit on a mat on the floor in a lotus or half-lotus position or simply sit in a chair. Regardless, the goal is to keep your back straight and your gaze low and focused a few feet in front of you.


There are a couple different ways that you can practice Zazen meditation:


Focusing on breathing: Pay attention to the movement and pace of your breathing, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. As you breathe, count to a number and back to help keep you focused.


Focusing on posture: In this variation, your focus is on your posture and how you’re sitting. While you’re doing this, be aware of your thoughts and your surroundings.


One cool aspect of Zazen meditation is the community around. Practicing with others around you can help you understand the process better. The best way to do this is to find a Zen Buddhist center near you and start attending regularly.


4.Heart Rhythm


The different kinds of meditation out there all have different focuses and effects on your mental state. Heart Rhythm Meditation is one of these benefit-rich methods. Heart Rhythm Meditation is centered around your heart and breathing. In this method of meditation, there is also a focus on the mantra: “I am part of all things and all things are part of me.”


But how can it help you and your mental state? The beauty of this meditation is that you’ll feel physical, emotional, and spiritual effects. Heart Rhythm Meditation can help you cope with stress and teach you about appreciating the things around you.


5.Qi Gong


Learning to relax is a valuable reason behind meditation. Qi Gong is a form of meditation that can bring to a state of peace to your body, mind, and spirit. Qi Gong is one of the oldest kinds of meditation. Since its beginnings in ancient Chinese society, Qi Gong has been used to help teach people to handle stress more efficiently.


The main focus of Qi Gong is breathing. Paying attention to your breath and how it flows through your body’s energy centers can help you learn to relax. Qi Gong can teach people to have more productive reactions to stress. Taking the time to pay attention to your how your breath and energy moves can train your brain to stay calm.




Some kinds of meditation don’t focus so heavily on solving problems immediately. In fact, practices like self-inquiry are more concerned with learning more about yourself.


The self-inquiry method of meditation is very focused on the concept of “I”. The concept is centered around viewing yourself as the center of your universe. All of your thoughts, memories, and experiences are there to help you understand who “I” is. But is this process like?


This practice starts with asking yourself questions that will help you understand what “I” is. Asking things like “who am I” can help you learn more about your existence. Self-inquiry isn’t an attempt to make some worldly realizations, but rather, to gain an overall understanding of why you are here.




This Buddhist practice has very similar characteristics to the Western practice of Mindfulness. But the difference is Vipassana’s end goal. The idea of “active concentration” is achieved through the rigorous mental focus on one’s breathing and connection with the world. This process starts with paying attention to the movement of your breath.


In turning your focus over to this process, you will begin to understand the relationship between you and your surroundings. This is done by acknowledging the thoughts and feelings that come with your natural senses. By the end of the process, you will have reached a state of mental calmness and a freedom from the different emotions that come with existing.




Rather than focusing on personal identity and calmness, some practices are more focused on emotion. Metta Meditation is a method that’s focused on developing love and affection for yourself and those around you. But how is this done?


It all starts with sitting down and closing your eyes. With your eyes closed, begin the visualization process. From there, you’ll develop love and affection for several different levels including:


  • Yourself
  • A friend
  • A “neutral” person
  • A troublesome person
  • All of the above again in equal parts
  • The entire universe


Progressing from one stage to another will take time and great focus. But at the end of the day, you will have a stronger sense of love and compassion for yourself and those around you.




Some methods require the lessons from a licensed practitioner. Transcendental practices are one of these methods. Transcendental Meditation is a mantra-focused practice that was first introduced in India in the 1950s. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the famous guru for the Beatles and the Beach Boys, helped bring the practice to the global popularity it has today.


Because the practice requires the guidance of a professional, many of the key details are left in their hands. However, it is known that Transcendental Meditation is a mantra-based and is done twice a day for 15-20 minutes.


The mantra spoken during the practice is assigned by the guide based your age and gender. The noises, which may sound nonsensical, are actually references to Hindu deities. The results of the mediation may bring you a sense of peace and enlightenment.


10.Guided Visualization


One of the newer techniques out there is Guided Visualization. There are many different benefits to this kind of meditation, all of which can help you grow as an individual.


Guided Visualization is driven by thinking about positive experiences. The body responds to this positivity by releasing chemicals. These chemicals can bring you a variety of health benefits like spiritual healing, stress relief, or even personal development.


Using these positive experiences can help you grow as a person. These Guided Visualization methods may be difficult to focus on at first, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to recall these experiences with ease.


Understanding Meditation Styles


There are many different meditation styles out there to help you grow as a person. Whether you need help dealing with change in your life or you simply need to deal with stress, finding great meditation techniques can be a major help to you.


Taking the time to better yourself is no small feat. The process takes a lot of time and patience, especially if these changes are major. Whether it’s personal progress or business development, there is always more that you can do.


Are you looking for more ways to help your business reach its full potential? Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business be the best it can be.

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